Do you find others or yourself being defensive more often than you’d like?
Maybe sometimes you don’t address issues because others might get upset.
Through of the use of cell phones and social media, our brains are being rewired. Interactions can be more challenging. We’re seeing this in our workplaces – and unfortunately in our families.
Our culture is becoming more defensive.

How can you stop the damage and heal your marriage and relationships with your kids? We know what to do. We want to help you have the peace and joy you long for in your marriage and family. 

The very first session of Deflating Defensiveness lays the foundation and gives you a way of interacting with the challenging people in your life. We give you the Five Key Questions you need to ask in any difficult conversation to deeply impact the outcome.
Just the first session alone gives you the power to dramatically impact your relationship outcomes. In our training you’ll get the Biblical knowledge, the brain science activities, and the skills that will impact your marriage, family, and work in a whole new way. The skills you learn will raise your self-respect, and equip you for respecting others on a whole new level.
Leave the training with a lasting new level of confidence in who God made you to be as a woman of strength and dignity.
We want every woman to discover how the truth sets us free!
Read what other attendees are saying after our 2017 Retreat...

Darlene from Columbus... "I am a preacher’s daughter who was born and raised in the church. I’ve been to countless women’s retreats. This is different! I’ve never experienced Christian women and leaders be so REAL with each other. God is doing something special with this ministry. My marriage and my family are being transformed. Most importantly, God is growing me. I highly recommend that you come see and experience this amazing Training for yourself!"

Eileen from Cincinnati... "This was my first year attending the Training. I know now why women come back several times... It is empowering to know that I can interact with someone who is being negative, hear their issues and have them resolved in a positive way for both parties. The time spent in class, break out sessions and personal reflection was well balanced. My faith has been strengthened and I am more confident in many areas of my life. 
These 4 days have changed my life!"
Trainers: Nina Roesner & Debbie Hitchcock
This training is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced before! – even if you are an alumni.

Learn the truth about why defensiveness exists, how to manage your own defensiveness, and begin or deepen the skill development necessary to successfully engage in respectful disagreements that deflate defensiveness. Skills to handle situations are taught and practiced throughout the training.
Deflating Defensiveness Training Retreat sessions unfold as participative experiences. Come expecting to walk away with:

  •  The ability to quickly change your unhelpful habits in conflict
  •  The Five Key Questions you must ask to help your husband and kids during conflict
  •  The proven method for staying and regaining peace in the midst of challenges
  •  Specific things we do that escalate conflict and how to stop
  •  How to change from conflict to conversation
  •  Deeper connection with God
  •  Significant opportunity for experiencing His love in a personal way
  •  Leadership skills taken to a new level
  •  Enhanced communication skills
  •  Your own feelings about yourself grounded in a more solid identity
  •  Your self-esteem boosted
  •  Motivation to persevere in difficult circumstances rekindled
  •  Application opportunities to practice skills
  •  Life change that lasts (at least that’s what our alumni tell us)
  •  Emerge as a woman of greater strength and dignity
Retreat Schedule (tentative)
A majority of the retreat is spent in a learning environment to include:
  •  Group teachings complete with research-based, proven conflict resolution skills
  •  Small group discussion and role play
  •  Open sharing (for those who feel compelled to share their testimony)
  •  Self-analysis and reflection exercises
  •  Implementing new skills in writing to prepare for future scenarios with difficult people
What else can I expect?
Arrival time is 7:00 pm. when you’ll get settled into your private room at the Jesuit Center, Milford, OH. (The facility is open to all denominations. We believe in Jesus.) Then join us in Fireside Hall where we’ll get to know one another and hear an introduction to the course.

Each private room includes twin bed, bedding, towels, sink, mirror, chair. Restrooms and showers in each hallway. Your stay includes all meals (you may let your dietary needs be known on your registration form.)

The next three days are packed with learning; but we also enjoy meals together, have plenty of time to mingle and share stories, enjoy the grounds at the Jesuit Center and spend time in worship. If you prefer quiet or alone time, we respect that too. We wrap up on Sunday worshiping at a local church together (optional) before saying our goodbyes.

Many women build lasting friendships over the course of the retreat. We invite you to bring your friends, but don’t be afraid to join us if you’re coming alone. We will welcome you with open arms!

Questions? Check out these FAQ’s
More Testimonials:

"I went to this retreat not knowing what to expect but open to what God might present me. I would never have guessed in a million years what that would be, but if I hadn't attended I would have totally missed it."

- Lewelen

"It was like the lightbulb finally went off! I've read a mountain of books, but this approach is different. Learning in-person from the trainers made all the difference."

- Liza
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