Stories from Past Participants

I had become increasingly unhappy with my life and marriage and had a constant negative chatter in my thoughts. I especially blamed my husband for the problems in our marriage and felt powerless to change. I knew I needed a new direction. One day I was reading the Cincinnati Enquirer and saw the Daughters of Sarah article. That day changed my life! As I went to class and read the material, I saw changes I could make to start anew. It took many weeks to change my mind-set, but the support and encouragement I received made a huge difference. Of course, I still need reminders, but I can honestly say my marriage is so much better! Thank you so much for helping me recognize that marriage is a partnership. Sue B., Cincinnati

The concepts in Daughters of Sarah really helped me grow into a better wife and person. I wish someone had taken the time to teach me these things earlier in life — fifteen years of marriage is too long to finally understand that I need to respect my husband! Our marriage deserved more than it was getting from me, but I am so thankful that this course filled the gap and taught me how to be the kind of wife God wants me to be. The classes were fun while challenging. I am amazed at how much more empowered and confident I feel in who God created me to be. Gail W., Loveland, Ohio

I have to share this story with you because it is a testimony as to how much I’ve changed as a result of Daughters of Sarah. I was sitting with a group of women from church who were complaining about communication with their husbands. It wasn’t a gripe session, but it sure was close! As I sat there, I realized I had nothing to say. At first, I was feeling a little self pity because I felt left out of the conversation. Then it occurred to me that I should be ecstatic that my husband and I don’t have any major issues now! Of course our relationship isn’t perfect, we do have occasional miscommunication problems, but I really do give Daughters of Sarah credit for helping us iron out all the major wrinkles in our marriage. Thank you for what you are doing in this course! May God truly bless your ministry. Cindy G., Ohio

When my wife mentioned she would like to take a 12-week course called Daughters of Sarah, I didn’t give much thought to it. Another class on being a spiritual and supportive wife was fine to me. I didn’t think she really needed it, but if it made her happy, who was I to argue? It was surprising to see little changes in her after a few weeks. Things seemed different in her approach – more thoughtful and heartfelt. I found myself intentionally doing the same things she was doing for me, trying to show her how much I care. What I discovered is that even though she had been supportive of me in the past, our relationship rose to new levels! Two years have passed since she took the class. The positive changes in our home are unbelievable. As my wife is fond of saying, Daughters of Sarah is one of the best gifts I have ever given her! Glen, Ohio

Daughters of Sarah had a huge impact when it came to showing me what respect looked like. I was way off base in interacting with my husband with my disrespectful actions and verbal put-downs. I didn’t realize how much this had greatly affected how our four sons viewed and interacted with their father. This class gave me the tools to work with to begin building him up again and make home a “safe place”. Daughters of Sarah has helped me ingrain the truth that I need to stay focused on my part of our marriage rather than trying to fix my husband. Proverbs 14:1 has a whole new meaning for me, “Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands. Sonnie W., Cincinnati, OH

I am so very grateful for the nudge to purchase and go through the Respect Dare. I had read and tried everything and was at the point of no return with my marriage when by chance in one of my daily devotionals I receive via email that I saw the description and title…If you want a deeper relationship with the Lord and a stronger marriage” well I thought to myself why not, you’ve tried everything else what’s one more book purchase. Little did I know that this book purchase would change my life for good, not just my marriage but every detail of my every day existence. I had never realized that I had hurt and sinned against my Heavenly Father so much by disrespecting my husband and harboring bitterness and anger. None of which were in the least bit obedient to the Lord, wow what a mess I had in me and my marriage. This was a turning point for me that shook me to my very core. I knew this journey is what I had needed all along and that I would trudge forward no matter the cost of my self (selflessness is what it’s all about ~yay I finally get it)! I began the Respect Dare journey in January of this year, I have experienced pain, spiritual growth and yes better communication with my husband and others. The results have been miraculous, I won’t lie here and say that the enemy doesn’t try even harder to steal my joy or tell me lies (which by the way are really misleading). I fell as if the enemy sits on my shoulders sometimes just waiting for me to let my guard down! My intentions, Lord willing are to continue going through this journey in different ways even possible leading another small group. During the summer I enjoyed reading the different blogs that also posted on the Respect Dare. Reading the 3 different perspectives was very helpful and extremely encouraging. My gratitude and many thanks to Nina Roesner, author of The Respect Dare, so grateful for her allowing the Holy Spirit to lead her to write this wonderful journey for all us that are so lost in disrespect and anger. Kim S.

I guess to share how doing the Respect Dare has been changing me I will put up a scenario I faced Thursday after work last week.  In the first part, I will detail how the old me would have handled it.  In the second part, I will share what actually happened last Thursday and what I was told.  This all pertains to question 1 of this day in terms of sensing the leading of the Spirit….
Thursday after work I was trying to tidy up the house and clean up to have space to prepare dinner (my husband was on his way home from helping out extending family by doing a side job and he had our son since he routinely watches our son while I work full time).  He had a dental appt in 45 minutes so I was hoping to try to get dinner started and have something ready for him before he went to that.  Nathan came home late from the side job rather frazzled and asked for dinner.  I apologized and told him it wasn’t ready yet.  He was visibly frustrated….
Part 1:  the old me would have told him that I can’t do everything and if he wanted dinner ready he should have called me at work so I could ensure I had the necessary time to make him something before his appt.  Then I would have complained that he didn’t notice I was cleaning up the kitchen and family room, listening to music to try to unwind from a stressful day of learning new software for a big project at work.  Then I would have thrown in some of our old unclosed fights, about how I feel unappreciated and unloved, how I am trying to work full time and take care of our home, how I don’t ask him to do much because I know it can be difficult with a sick toddler who’s teething, etc.  He would’ve left for his appt w/o eating anything, then been in physical pain the rest of the evening and we would have had silence for a day or two save for interacting with our son….
Part 2:  He was visibly frustrated so I suggested maybe he should have a PB&J so he would at least have some food before his dental work was done.  Then I offered my apologies again and asked if he needed me to do anything else for him before his appt.  The Spirit told me not to react defensively and to give him his space, then return to my cleaning, etc.  After his appt, he apologized to me.  he shared that he hadn’t eaten anything since that morning and it was because of his side job taking much longer than he expected it to.  He also said there was no way I could have known this since he didn’t share that info with me until just then.  Then he told me the house looked great and that I’m awesome.  <3 Fawn