With All Due Respect: Parenting eCourse


Frustrated with parenting your kids?

Feeling like nothing is working?

Want to communicate better with your tweens and teens, deepening your relationship with them and God?


Maybe you just want to stop feeling like you’re the only parent who’s battling

the tween and teen years.


With All Due Respect: 40 days to a more fulfilling relationship with your teens and tweens was written with you in mind. Our eCourse is a Biblical online discipleship process that brings New Life into your relationship with your teens and tweens. Join us and make the Now you are in your season of becoming a godly parent.untitled-design-1After having to take dramatic steps with one of my teens and applying the new behaviors I learned through the Daughters of Sarah® class, I found myself walking beside other parents who were hurting. Their situations were sometimes significantly different, but the skills I had learned still applied. God used these brave souls and the privilege of helping them to bring healing to me, to give me confidence in what I had learned, and to show me that I was not the only mother dealing with tough situations. ~ Author, Debbie Hitchcock

Debbie has walked in your shoes and has invaluable experience and learnings which have helped others navigate well through these important years. She has a heart for parents and a God-given desire to journey with others who are struggling.

untitled-design-2Nina Roesner, who has benefited from Debbie’s wisdom in raising her own kids is delighted to have co-authored With All Due Respect.  Together they have developed this powerful book using the same training method as our Daughters of Sarah® course and Respect Dare® which have been life-changing for thousands of wives.

What others have to say…


With All Due Respect is a great resource for parents wanting to connect with their tweens and teens in an authentic and faith-filled way. Nina and Debbie do a great job of offering readers a practical guide for strengthening those often strained relationships.  ~ Emerson Eggerichs, author of Love & Respect.


A spectacular tool for every mom who has heard the advice “be purposeful,” and wondered, “but what does that mean?” This ultra-practical guidebook shows each of us what it means. Step by step, day by day, this amazing resource will walk each of us into being the godly moms we all deeply want to be, to have the impact on our kids we are all longing for. ~ Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and bestselling author of For Women Only and For Parents Only.


As a mom of three teens, I have been challenged by With All Due Respect. I have learned to use humor, transparency, and questions to more effectively communicate with my kids, breaking down those emotional, generational, and perceptual barriers. My goal is to always have relationship with my kids and these principles allow me to have just that! ~ Gail Maue, mother of three teenage sons

They’ll be grown and out of the house before you know it – what will your relationship be like with them in 20 years? You can pave the way for something awesome now.

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What can the eCourse DO for you?

  • The With All Due Respect eCourse gives you skills through time-spaced learning in an online multi-media community experience. As a participant you will be able to work through the With All Due Respect book at your own pace interacting with others who also desire to be godly moms. It allows you to be part of a group of women where you can share intimately, and if you choose, anonymously. We wish change happened overnight, but it just doesn’t. We all need time, encouragement, and support as we learn these new things.
  • Regardless of where you are in your journey, you’ll grow. In addition to following the Dares from the book, the eCourse includes video encouragement by author Debbie Hitchcock and audio information with Nina Roesner. See a full list below. (please note that you will need a copy of With All Due Respect in order to participate)
  • Provide you with non-judgmental space to learn and grow at YOUR pace. We don’t care how long it takes you to complete the class, or if you do it in the order it is in the book. Completing all the Dares is not even a requirement. However, experience has shown that the more interaction you have with the other women in the eCourse, the more you will personally grow.
  • Encourage you to keep doing the next right thing with your teens and tweens. The encouragement you receive from the other participants as well as our eCourse Mentor and Debbie Hitchcock is a valuable part of the success of the experience.
  • Give you a space to work through your concerns that is a PRIVATE environment. You can be anonymous – matter of fact, we encourage you to be. Only other eCourse participants can see what you write.

Here’s what you get:

  • A tested and proven method of training that results in lasting change
  • Video & audio encouragement, teaching, and information from authors, Nina Roesner, and Debbie Hitchcock
  • Personal encouragement, gentle accountability, and tons of insight as Debbie, our other mentors, and women around the world share their experiences
  • Your own pace to go through the Dares. We’ve had women sprint through the eCourse doing a Dare a day, while others choose to work through them more slowly as their schedule will permit
  • Our experienced team praying for you specifically and keeping the group’s focus on God and His Word

We hope you will join us to grow in your relationship with God and your teens and tweens!

Our goal for you? To deepen the relationship you have with your kids – and help you not only survive the conflicts, but thrive in the midst of them.

Don’t have a group? Sign up for our eCourse and do the book with women from around the world from the comfort of your own home.

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Launch your children without fear, while you learn how to rest

in the assurance that God is ultimately the One in control.


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