Respect Dare Small Group Video Set

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A set of 8 videos, intended for use in a Respect Dare Small Group setting.

These are casual videos by Nina Roesner, author of the the Respect Dare. They range from 5 minutes to 29 minutes (total of 2 hours, 15 minutes). They were recorded in Nina’s home, and are meant to feel like she is visiting your small group to talk with you for a bit. They are not meant to be as professionally produced as the Daughters of Sarah videos.

Play the trailer during your first get together (found on Youtube),  then one video per week for 8 more weeks. Video #1 is to be used in Week 2 of your study and so on.

You will receive your download links by email and you may also find them on Your Account page under Downloads. Please save the videos to your computer or a flash drive. You are given up to 3 clicks to get this done, after which time the videos will no longer be accessible to you through our website. If you run into problems with the download, please contact us for assistance.

When you are finished with your Respect Dare class, we recommend doing Daughters of Sarah on Video next.




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