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* Our video course is currently in BETA until the Facilitator Guide is finalized and published.  You are more than welcome to run the class now with the free Guide download provided here.

We are now shipping the Daughters of Sarah kits through Amazon.com. If you need any individual copies of the books, they are also available through Amazon.

Here’s what Laurie had to say after Session 2 of her first Daughters of Sarah class:

I can tell you I grew up in the church, my father is a pastor, I’m a Christian counselor, and I’ve been leading women’s Bible studies for years – but there is nothing else like this training out there! I’ve literally NEVER seen ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE – and I’ve seen a LOT. Our group bonded fast, and the life change happened so quickly! I can’t wait to come to Boot Camp and I’m bringing friends. This needs to multiply!

Course Materials –


Below is the list of supplies you will need to order and the downloads you’ll need to print for your class. You may download the Facilitator Guide below for free and go to our Shop to order your kits and videos.

Daughters of Sarah Kit

Daughters of Sarah Kit

  1. Daughters of Sarah Participant Kits from our Amazon Shop, one kit per person. Each Daughters of Sarah Official Participant Kit includes the following required supplies for each course participant: 12 Truths to Change Your Marriage, by Nina Roesner, Daughters of Sarah Participant Manual (workbook), Redeeming Work Journal, Quiet Time in a Pretty Organza Bag. The Character Cards and Participant Cards are in the back of the manual.
  2. Daughters of Sarah Video Sets from our Shop – For viewing in your class. They are downloadable.
  3. DAUGHTERS OF SARAH FACILITATOR GUIDE – A pdf file for you to download. You cannot run the class without the guide – it will answer many of your questions and is free for a limited time. The class will not make sense without this guide. This is not like any other training experience you have probably seen, so a large part of running it comes from the facilitator becoming familiar with the process – Nina essentially runs much of the first several sessions for you via the video, then over time, you will take over more of the class activities. Please contact us  with any questions you may have. We expect to have the final copy of the Facilitator Guide available in 2017.
  4. Paper Printables in PDF Format (These will remain in download form) :

Now, just go to our SHOP, order your videos & kits, and you are set! 🙂

Please join us at our annual Facilitator Training Boot Camp to keep growing your skills!




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