Daughters of Sarah


Daughters of Sarah® LIVE! is likely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

It’s not like a Bible study, although that happens.

Daughters of Sarah class

Daughters of Sarah class

It’s not like a book study, although that element is present, too.

It’s not like a typical small group experience, although we use small groups to deliver the training.

We’ve been told that one could think of Daughters of Sarah® like a pregnancy, and at the end of some hard work, some joy, some tears, lots of prayer, something NEW is present – the difference is the new thing is your relationships with God, yourself, and others (including your husband). And instead of it taking 9 months – it takes 14 weeks. Oh – and there’s no labor & delivery, which should be a plus! 🙂

We’ve also been told that it’s like a course instead of a study.

We’ve heard others describe it as a “life change process.”

We’re still learning how to talk about it.

Mainly because the experience of Daughters of Sarah® is usually something different for everyone. That’s probably the reason why some women take it multiple times, choosing to work on the various things God is working in their lives each time.

Daughters of Sarah Kit

Daughters of Sarah Kit


Daughters of Sarah® is a 14-week training course that teaches a biblical, application-based perspective on what it means to be a godly wife. It is offered in a two-part Daughters of Sarah® video program that can be run by a local facilitator in a home or church setting. The video program captures a majority of the 14 week course that is offered in the LIVE! format delivered by Nina Roesner and Debbie Hitchcock. A Daughters LIVE! Retreat is available on request. We also offer an annual Daughters of Sarah® Boot Camp to help facilitators take their leadership skills to the next level. You do not need to attend Boot Camp to lead a Daughters of Sarah® class.




Daughters of Sarah® has been developed utilizing the most effective and impactful methods of helping adult learners engage with material.  The goal of the course is not only knowledge of Biblical truth (although much information is presented), nor only “tools” or “skills” that “work” (although practice and training are part of the process), but rather deeper relationships with God, self, and others.

The course is currently in BETA and being done around the world by small and large groups. We’re interested in your feedback. For more information about how the course works, what makes it different, and what you need to do get involved, please check our “Facilitator Helps” page.


Daughters of Sarah is for use with small groups of women and we do not give permission for use in internet classes or webcasts – the results are significantly less from these venues and the copyright forbids the use of the videos in this way.