A Note from Debbie

After having to take dramatic steps with one of my teens and applying the new behaviors I learned through the Daughters of Sarah® class, I found myself walking beside other parents who were hurting. Their situations were sometimes significantly different, but the skills I had learned still applied. God used these brave souls and the privilege of helping them to bring healing to me, to give me confidence in what I had learned, and to show me that I was not the only mother dealing with tough situations.

In 2011, with the help of Nina Roesner, who authored Daughters of Sarah®, I designed a course for parents called Generations™. My husband and several pastors also offered their wisdom to help me capture how parenting roles play out differently for men and women. The goal was to help parents catch the essence of their God-ordained purpose in parenting—to launch their children into the world!

I’ve been privileged through the years—having experienced the transformation in my own family’s relationships and having watched God do a mighty work in other families—to witness the change that can happen when parents actively choose to be relationship architects in their homes. As a facilitator of both Daughters of Sarah® and Generations™, and through my experience as a family relationship coach, I have seen hundreds of people positively impacted by the biblical concept of respect. This book brings those principles taught in those courses to the wider world.

While With All Due Respect does not capture the full experience of all that occurs when one goes through the entire course of Generations™, it will help you lay a foundation and assess your implementation of biblical principles with your children. I believe and pray that it will help parents continue to build or even rebuild relationships with their children, no matter what stage of life they might be in.

Many have asked me about the dad element, and by all means, we encourage your husbands to be part of this journey with you. While the questions in the book are specifically tailored to moms, we have dad-specific questions available as a download. We intend to include them in the Small Group Guide as well.

As mothers, we must actively choose to let go of control, calm our fears, and bravely release our children into the unfamiliar, trusting that God has a plan for each step our children take. We have the opportunity to dare to dream, dare to hope, dare to no longer wrap our self-esteem up in these wonderful but sinful children whom God has given us on loan. With All Due Respect™ will dare you to obey His Word and to let go of the habits that so often lead us to the destruction of relationships. We dare you to take your sense of self from God’s perspective, trusting Him when you have no knowledge of what the future holds, and to risk being personally changed in order to positively affect all your family relationships.

It is my hope and prayer that by reading and actively participating in With All Due Respect, you will experience God on a deeper level.

“Let go . . . and let God,”

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