Redefining training to redefine lives…

redefining-training-to-redefine-lives-2What if you could successfully & fearlessly engage in conflict at work or with your husband, kids, or friends?

What if you could deflate defensiveness?

What would change for you?

Recent brain research shows that neuro-pathways created in infancy for relationships can also be altered in adulthood. Our training method utilizes a proven method of changing our patterns of thinking and interacting to move into deeper connection in relationships. These pattern changes result in:

  • respect for self & other
  • influence with people
  • ability to successfully & fearlessly handle conflict
  • ways to deflate defensiveness
  • more effective communication
  • greater confidence
  • less stress

The health of our relationships and how long they can be maintained impacts our level of life satisfaction, happiness, stress, and productivity. The ability to do conflict well is key to the success of our relationships. We live in a defensive culture where people either avoid conflict all together or they steamroll their way through it at other’s expense. Either option damages relationships and limits connected-ness for both individuals.

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What Greater Impact does…

We help people acquire the knowledge to deepen relationships, communicate more effectively, and better handle conflict, but we also train people and organizations to develop and use skills that:

  • Help prevent conflict from occurring while still sharing their difference of opinion
  • Deflate defensiveness when others get upset
  • Help build understanding between two people (or speaker to audience) that deepens relationships
  • Build confidence by communicating in a way that builds trust
  • Understand themselves and others better to be more effective in relationships overall


How we’re different…

At Greater Impact, we don’t just give you information – we use a unique and lasting training method that provides you with actual skills – in a relatively quick and easy way. Our courses quickly create community in a fun learning environment, as well. Our methods incorporate the latest neuroscience and training methods to yield lasting results. 

You’ll have the opportunity to practice these interaction skills gaining confidence to put them into action.

How we work…

We have a virtual environment here on the internet where you’ll find our eCourses and support forums.

We also provide live training to organizations.

Our goal is to bring up trainers to deliver these results in their neck of the woods.

What to do…

Take a first stepsign up here for our Respect-101 class. It’s free. You’ll get several emails that will give you an idea of what we do in our training that helps you make a greater impact in your relationships.

Take a second step – enroll in one of our eCourses on marriage, parenting, recovering from verbal abuse, deflating defensiveness, or leadership –


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Take a third step – contact us about coming to train the people in your organization.